Over the years I’ve received some VERY kind emails and I love responding to people’s questions and guiding musicians personally. However it’s reached the point where I get 20 emails a day, and spend close to an hour replying to these each day.

So in order to help the most people possible I’m trying to minimize my email time, and to spend this time making videos instead.

So here are my new guidelines for the best ways to contact me:

1. Customer Service: This email contact form is predominantly for customer service – if you have questions about a product, or technical difficulty downloading a product, then of course you will always receive a response.

2. Music Questions: If you have a music question then I would really love to hear from you, as it helps guide all of my future video making. However, instead of emailing me your music question, please CLICK HERE TO RECORD YOUR MUSIC QUESTION AS AN AUDIO VOICEMAIL. This way I can record my response to your question in audio form, and post it publicly in a future video or podcast.

3. Future Video Requests: You are welcome to send me your video requests. Even if you don’t get a reply from me, I save all of requests to a specific folder which I review during my next filming spree! However I would rather receive your video request in audio form, and you can CLICK HERE TO SEND ME YOUR VIDEO REQUEST AS A VOICEMAIL.

Thank you for your help, I genuinely love reading your emails and I only say this so that I can help the most people possible in the long term. I look forward to hearing from you!

– Julian Bradley