Learning jazz piano on your own is daunting. There’s so much information on the internet and you don’t know what order to practice things in.

It’s overwhelming because the internet gives you ALL of the information at once – rather than showing you a clear path. You watch one video, and then have 10 other suggested videos thrown at you – all of which look just as important.

When I started learning jazz piano I looked to the internet also. I found some cool things here and there, but there was no core to what I was learning. Just random details scattered about. It never gave me confidence, and in fact, it took away my confidence because I felt like there were a million things that I should be practicing.

At the piano I’d flit back and forth between different things – 5 mins on improv, 5 mins on walking basslines, etc. But I never progressed. Most of my time was wasted TRANSITIONING between each area, rather than mastering any one.


However, everything changed for me when I started meeting with a jazz piano teacher in person. For the first time I was given just ONE thing to focus on (left hand voicings). Then we’d meet again and I’d be given the next thing to focus on (playing voicings in inversion). At the next lesson we’d tackle the next thing (Tritone Substitution), and so on.

The feeling of overwhelm disappeared and I found myself enjoying the learning process. I had just one teacher showing me the way, and I only had to focus on one thing at a time.

When I started learning through one source I improved very quickly. The bulk of my progress happened in just four months, and in less than two years I became completely confident in my jazz piano playing. We’d covered everything from the ground up and I’d filled in all gaps to my knowledge.

My name’s Julian Bradley. I’m now a professional jazz pianist and educator, with a masters degree in music.

I realize how lucky I was to have one person showing me the way, and now I want to help you achieve the same goal.


Jazz Theory Explained: Once & For All is my most popular jazz piano ebook, with over 4000 copies download to date.

Add to CartThis book presents 100 pages of my best material covering all key aspects to jazz piano harmony, from the ground up.

I get straight to the point, there’s zero fluff, and you can wiz through the pages in a fraction of the time it took me to learn this.


  • JAZZ SCALES: my simple rule to figure out which scale to play over any chord
  • CHORD EXTENSIONS: know exactly what notes any chord symbol means – ‘maj 6’, vs ‘min 6’, vs ‘#4’, vs ‘#11’
  • THINKING QUICKLY: see inside my head and how I count intervals, transposition, and find my way to voicings quickly
  • 21 of my FAVORITE TWO HANDED CHORD VOICINGS covering all chord types
  • A clever way to play melody + chord + bassline all at the same time
  • REHARMONIZATION: 4 approaches to reharmonization, including ‘passing chords’, ‘inventing rules’, and the ‘slightly-wrong sound’ to change up the chords to your favorite tunes
  • IMPROVISATION TECHNIQUES: I’ll show you how to ‘aim for the colorful notes’, how to ’emphasize the changes’, melodic embellishment, and arpeggiate the chord symbol.
  • UNDERSTANDING A LEAD SHEET: how to see inside a jazz composer’s mind and spot the key changes, ii – V – I’s, cycle of 5ths, and more.
  • FAVORITE SOUNDS: a collection of my favorite jazz piano sounds to end, including the ‘Film Noir piano sound’, arpeggiated minor 6 chords, and the most intriguing ending chord of all time!


Jazz Theory Explained is for the aspiring jazz piano player, with 5 years playing experience. Reading music IS necessary for this book.

Have you experienced any of the following?

  • “I lack confidence in my playing because I never had formal training”
  • “I feel overwhelmed with information”
  • “I don’t know what to practice”
  • “I’ve hit a plateau – I’m playing the same things every time I sit at the piano”
  • “I don’t have time to figure everything out on my own – I just need all of the information in one place”

If any of the above sound like you, then this book is for you.



  • 100 pages of concise and thorough writing, taking you step by step from a beginner to advanced.

  • Youtube video links along the way, embedded into the text and organized.
  • Practice Tips to end each chapter
  • Beautifully illustrated (lots of pictures) bold and colorful (the opposite of a boring text book)
  • Both computer version and PRINTER FRIENDLY version of the same book
  • Glide through pages effortlessly on your computer or tablet screen, or print to paper


This book works on both Mac and PC, and any type of tablet – no special software required

You can read the book on your computer screen, OR print it to paper (printer friendly version of the book included with the download).

ATTENTION iPAD USERS: This book cannot be downloaded directly to an iPad. Please download the book to a desktop computer first, and then sync it to your iPad. iPad syncing instructions included in the download.


Jazz Theory Explained presents 15 private lessons with me, at the price of less than one lesson. You’ll learn jazz theory in a fraction of the time it took me. You won’t have to search the internet for each topic individually, or wonder if the information accurate. I’ve put everything you need in one place, and you can wiz through the information at record pace.


But what if you don’t like the book? If for any reason you’re not happy with this book, just email me within 90 days and I’ll fully refund your purchase – no questions asked. I’d rather you TRY the book and ask for a refund, than not try the book at all.

But I’m confident that you WILL love this book – it’s been downloaded by more than 4,000 people so far, and the refund rate is close to zero.

To download Jazz Theory Explained and see for yourself what readers have called “the best book on jazz theory ever written” – click below:

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  • Jazz Theory Explained – 100 pages of my own writing on jazz theory ($39)

  • Collector’s Edition – 8 original jazz piano compositions in sheet music form ($29)
  • Blue Lotus ebook – an exotic latin piano composition with backing track ($9.99)
  • Happy Birthday ebook – my Happy Birthday jazz piano variation ($9.99)

Purchased separately = $87.98.    Purchased together = $67 (save more than $20)

All purchases directly support the making of future videos which remain free

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Ray HuckellRay Huckell, (Toronto): “When I decided to learn jazz piano 5 years ago, I searched high and low for a competent teacher who could lead me along the trail of developing a JAZZ SOUND. I lucked in to Julian Bradley on YouTube, watched every video he presented, made copious notes and went through the horrors of “oops, which video did he use to show his favorite major 7th voicing”. All of that is in the past as Julian has now published the most understandable explanation of the complexities of Jazz Piano and Theory. Terrific and easy to understand, what every visitor to your videos is praying for – a true GOLDMINE!”.

Steve Schneider, (US): “I am incredibly impressed with your easy clarity, your ability to convey complex material in an accessible and engaging manner, and your ability to focus on what’s really important in a logical fashion. I purchased your Jazz Theory Explained ebook and within 5 minutes knew that it was exactly what I’ve been looking for for years. Thanks for making all your hard work so accessible.”

Mike Le, California: “I bought your ebook and loved it! So much valuable information with detailed explanation. Your book is worth every penny!!!”

Roger Price, Venice, California: “I waited weeks before writing this email, because I wanted to see if your jazz theory book would clear up years of jazz theory confusion and frustration for me. Well, I’m happy to report that it has! After reading your book from cover to cover, I’m now able to practice “Dancing With You” on my piano […] Thank you so much!”

Ed Marsh, Oakland, California: “Hey Julian, The book is fantastic! I have been taking ‘expensive’ Jazz Piano Lessons for almost three years. My technique has improved and I’m enjoying the lessons, BUT I gained tons of ‘understanding’ from just reviewing, what I thought I understood and reading your e-book. Keep the e-books coming! Thanks, Ed”